Water damage can have a lot of serious effects on your home, leading to mold growth and ultimately the deterioration of your structure. Unfortunately, many homeowners ignore the fact they need water damage restoration services in Long Island, NY, and suffer the consequences in the long term. Whether you have experienced flooding, a burst pipe or any other issue that introduces water into your home, you can call on ServiceMaster Restore to help.

We Can Help with All Issues

Regardless of the underlying cause of your water damage, it’s important to work with a professional water damage restoration company in Long Island, NY. We can provide the services you need to clean up the water and fix any damages that have occurred. This will help prevent the development of dangerous mold, as well as restore any damage that has already occurred and prevent further destruction that could lead to more costly repairs.

We’re Always Available

Problems can occur at any time. This means there’s a chance you may suffer from water damage at a time that isn’t convenient and is outside regular business hours. However, fear not! We offer 24/7 water damage restoration services in Long Island, NY. We will come to your home when you need us most and make sure your home is protected from further damage caused by allowing the water to sit for too long.

Contact us today to discuss your water damage restoration needs so we can get to work restoring the integrity of your home.