Fires in your home or business are not only emotionally devastating, but they can cause structural damage that can make a home or business unsafe. Once the firefighters have put out the fire, the damage can affect everything on your property; furniture, flooring, upholstery, bedding, appliances and more. The damage from fires not only affects the surfaces and belongings but can also cause lingering physiological complications like respiratory aggravations caused by the release of toxins into the environment.

After the trucks roll away, and you left with wondering what to do next call our professionals at Empire Mitigation Specialists. We understand that fire damage repairs are critical, and we take extra steps to protect your property and personal belongings. We use the latest technology and equipment to determine the amount of damage to your property from fire, smoke, soot and water. Our fire damage repair services can include smoke and odor removal, water damage assessment/removal, sanitation cleaning, air vent and duct cleaning and more.

We specialized in fire damage restoration, and our technicians have extensive training to restore your property to the conditions before the fire. We respond to your emergency quickly, and we are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Empire Mitigation Specialists take pride in helping you recover and repair your property while helping you save money. Let our professionals assist you in this overwhelming situation and returning your home or business back to normal.